Ulf Jasper's VM extensions

VM is a mail reader that runs inside GNU Emacs and XEmacs.



u-vm-color.el provides a simple way to enable and configure font-lock within VM. In other words, it will make your VM buffers more colorful and lets you use different fonts and so on. Here's a screen shot. Here is another one showing that u-vm-color and Robert Widhopf-Fenk's vm-summary-faces can be used at the same time.

Download u-vm-color.el version 2.10.

Please note that after having moved to Gnus, Robert Widhopf-Fenk has taken over maintainership of u-vm-color.el.


u-vm-return-receipt.el contains a function for (semi-) automatic sending return receipts. Note, however, that the Return-Receipt-To header is not RFC compliant.

Download u-vm-return-receipt.el.