Ulf Jasper's Emacs fun stuff


bubbles.el is a puzzle game for Emacs similar to Same GNOME and many others. It provides another implementation of Same Game.

The Screenshots show the ASCII and one of the graphic modes.

bubbles.el is part of GNU Emacs as of version 23.

Download bubbles.el version 0.5.


u-color-cycle.el is a small code snippet you might want to use for entertainment purpose. It's a sort of eye-candy and could be added to your list of zone-programs.

Download u-color-cycle.el version 2.0.


u-mandelbrot.el provides a simple fractal browser within emacs. After finishing this thing, I learned that there is another mandelbrot program for emacs. It's very similar, but has some different features.

Here are screen shots for the ascii mode and the color mode. Here is another ascii mode screenshot.

Download u-mandelbrot.el.