Ulf Jasper's calendar and diary extensions for Emacs


icalendar.el is supposed to provide an iCalendar library. It allows for importing and exporting icalendar appointment data to/from emacs diary files.

icalendar.el is part of GNU Emacs as of version 22.

Download icalendar.el version 0.15.


u-appt.el contains some simple defuns for parsing/extracting appointments and adding them to your diary. They should work for appointments from MS Outlook (english and german) and Lotus Notes (german only). The commentary explains how to hook it into VM.

Download u-appt.el version 0.5.


lookout.el gives you the possibility to import diary data from exotic programs like Outlook – as long as they are given in csv format. The latest version (1.4) also provides an experimental mechanism for importing address data into the Big Brother Data Base.

lookout.el requires csv.el which is available on this page

Download lookout.el version 1.5.